Sandwick Bay

In addition to our site, Sandwick, on the east coast of Unst, is home to a number of other places of interest...

On a fine day, it's easy to see why people chose to live at Sandwick

Burial cairns, identified as being Pictish (late Iron Age) during previous excavations, can be found on the beach

Close to these is a Norse house, excavated in the 1980s

At the north end of the Bay lies Framgord, believed to be a Norse chapel, and home to several grave markers, which date to the Medieval period

Close to Framgord are the remains of what is thought to be another Norse house

At the south end of the bay is Voesgrind, the ruins of a large house built in the sixteenth century

An abandoned township with numerous ruined crofts lies above the bay

Hannigarth is a survivor of the old township, and is the excavation headquarters

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