End of Dig

After the digging for the season was finished, there was still plenty of work to do to reinstate the area and protect the site from winter storms

The site was to be protected with a geotextile membrane, so the first job was to fill sandbags to hold this in place, and to protect the structures

Tarpaulin was used to cover the area around the structures

Geotextile was placed over the structures, not an easy task in the high winds

The debris netting around the edges of the trench was placed over the sea-facing section, and held in place with sandbags

A machine was then used to put sand back over the entire area.

The site hut was dismantled,..

..and the turves placed over the excavation area

The whole site was then covered with a heavy net to stop the wind from blowing the newly-laid turves away

The site was then left - but how our protection will fare over the winter remains to be seen!

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