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Accessibility Statement and Help


The main menu (on the left hand side of the page) should be visible at all times, allowing access to all pages within the site. A horizontal menu bar at the bottom of the page replicates this structure. Pages can also be accessed using access keys defined in the table below. page titles are displayed on the left hand side of the page (below the header).

Re-sizing Text

If you are experiencing difficulty reading the text on the site, you can increase or decrease font sizes via your browser. Internet Explorer and Firefox users should go to View > Text Zoom; Opera users should go to View > Zoom. For Safari (currently Mac only) use View > Make Text Bigger.

Access Keys

We will be implementing accesskeys shortly. Windows users can navigate through the site using the ALT+Accesskey. If you are a Mac user, use CTRL+Accesskey. Please note that some Internet Explorer users may need to hit the return or enter key to activate a link.

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