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Experimental Workshops

Not only was the threatened Bronze Age building moved, we also built a second structure for conducting experiments in. This was built to the same dimensions as the original building, but using new stone. So far, we have built the hearth cell, the passageway, the tank and one of the side cells. In the future, dry-stone walling classes will be held and more cells will be added.

The experimental building

The replica stone structures were built with the aim of conducting experimental workshops to replicate a number of Bronze-Age style technologies. We also wanted to try to learn what burnt mounds were originally used for. Of course, there may have been a range of uses, and suggestions range from cooking, bathing, industrial processes and even making beer! Not only will we try different processes, we will measure the temperatures reached in the hearth cell and tank; record how long it takes to bring the water to boil; and see how many times we can use the same stones before they shatter.

So far, we have heated stones in the hearth and put them in water...CLICK HERE

...cleaned wool to make it ready for spinning...CLICK HERE

...and made pots on the site... CLICK HERE

In spring and summer 2010 PhD student Lauren Doughton will be carrying out a number of experimental activities at the burnt mound. To find out more about Lauren's research and how to contact her - CLICK HERE.

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