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Site Progress

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Welcome to the Cruester excavation and reconstruction diary. On the following pages, you can read and see how the project progressed, and learn how we went about excavating and dismantling the site, moving it to its new location beside the Heritage Centre, and how it was reconstructed.

Go to week 1 diary       Week one

Clearing out the backfill from the previous excavation to reveal the site. How had it fared? Would it be in a good enough condition to rebuild?

Go to week 2 diary      Week two

Preparing for the first big move and digging into bedrock. How do you move a Bronze Age building?

Go to week 3 diary       Week three

Excavating through the mound and moving half of the site. Did it work?

Go to week 4 diary       Week four

New discoveries - and moving the rest of the structures. Bringing in the big machines to shift the larger stones.

Go to week 5 diary       Week five

Finishing off the excavation.


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